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Chinese New Year Hamper Delivery in Macau

September 28 2020 – Justin Chung

Chinese New Year Hamper Delivery in Macau

Chinese New Year Hamper Delivery in Macau

Nothing beats the rare occasion of meeting all your family, relatives and friends than the eccentric festivities at Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year celebrates the unity of you and your loved ones and gives you the wonderful opportunity to wish everyone the very best of health, happiness, fortune and prosperity for the incoming new year. Chinese New Year gifts are a must; in fact, the act of gifting is courteous and sweet, a clear indication of how much you respect and care about your family. However, since Chinese New Year is an auspicious time, the gift itself requires a little more thought than others.

According to the Chinese culture and traditions, there are certain gifts you should avoid gifting, especially during this period. Thankfully, there are still many fantastic gifts to bring to your host. Our expert gifting staff at Gift Hampers Macau has the full lowdown on what to gift at Chinese New Year and what you should save your money on buying. Read our gifting guide to find out more!


What not to gift at Chinese New Year

There are several items you should never bring nor gift during Chinese New Year.

Avoid gifting sharp objects, such as knives, swords or scissors. They are a symbol of cutting off oneself from someone and ending the relationship.

Products that are homophones for “unlucky” Chinese words should also be noted. The homophones  for the Chinese words ‘umbrella’ and ‘pear’ connotates separation, whereas the one for ‘clock’ implies death. Therefore, none of these items are considered good candidates for Chinese New Year gifts.

Things associated with funerals and mourning are also a definite no-no, so white flowers and yellow chrysanthemums would not be a good Chinese New Year gift.


What to gift at Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a delightful time for gifting. It is a well-known etiquette that single / unmarried individuals and children alike receive red packets from the elderly or married couples as a token of their well-wishes. When visiting others during this festival, it is important to bring gifts that will bring others good health, happiness and fortune. Considering that Chinese New Year surrounds a culture of eating and food sharing, gifting gourmet items and delicacies will be an exceptional choice.

Gift Hampers Macau, your number one online gift store based in Macau, has a wide selection of high-quality gourmet gifts that are perfect for Chinese New Year. After carefully choosing some items to go in our exclusive Chinese New Year hampers, we wrap them up beautifully and arrange free gift delivery for our customers. Browse our site for the full range of products we have in stock or check out our unique Chinese New Year Hampers below!

  1. Joyous CNY Celebrations is a gift that shows what a thoughtful person you are and how much you truly care. Bursting with vitality and delicious snacks, it is the ideal Chinese New Year hamper to gift your loved ones.
  2. If you’re looking to treat your family and friends something special this Chinese New Year, look no further than Mini Festive Celebrations. Wish them a year of great fortune and blossoming wealth with this magnificent gift.
  3. Going to a big Chinese New Year party? Then you’ll surely need more variety. CNY Sweet Blossom Fruit Hamper is sure to bring you good health and good fortune this year.