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Gifting Etiquette for Chinese New Year

February 01 2021 – Justin Chung

Gifting Etiquette for Chinese New Year

Gifting Etiquette for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is undoubtedly one of the most important festivals you will celebrate in Macau. It gives people the opportunity to spend time with family and friends and to connect with one another through the glorious celebrations.


Gifting and preparations for the Chinese New Year visit is an important aspect of this festival. Traditions include preparing rice cakes, such as nian gao and turnip cakes to share with your nearest and dearest. Going New Year shopping is a must, ensuring that you have everything prepared, from lucky foods like abalone (symbolising abundance) and fish (signifying prosperity) to getting red packets ready for children.


As Chinese New Year is an auspicious festival, there are things to keep in mind not to do. Gifting certain items can be deemed unlucky, e.g. the gifting of knives or sharp objects mean you wish to sever the relationship, giving an umbrella means you wish to be apart from them, and gifting shoes is a symbol of bringing bad luck or evil to their household.


There can be a lot to consider during Chinese New Year. To help you get ready for the festival, we have prepared some great gift ideas that everyone would love!


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  1. Great Fortune and Great Flavour ($1,798.00): Fortune and good food are very important aspects when partaking in the Chinese New Year activities. Send good fortune and delicacies to someone very special this year, with the help of this fantastic hamper. Inside this gorgeous antique floral gift box, you will find Dried Fish Maw, Chinese Cake (either a New Year Cake or a Turnip Cake), Selected premium green tea, Phnom Penh Rose, Osmanthus, a Blaze mushroom and Cordyceps militaris gift set, and a Lotus Nuts and Lily Bulb gift set x 1.


  1. Joyous Delights ($488.00): The saying "Health is Wealth" cannot be more true! What better gift to give during this festive time than the gift of nutritional goodness? Our hand-woven gift box contains a wide variety of fresh, nutritious fruits, packed with fibre and vitamin C. What's more, they carry great meaning during Chinese New Year, signifying abundance and a fruitful year ahead. Fruits include grapes, kiwi, apple, orange, pear, golden pomelo, dragon fruit, grapefruit, and tangerine. There is also a bottle of Portuguese Chateau Alexandre Red Wine 750ml (or a brand of the same value).