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Mid-Autumn Hampers

Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular festival celebrated all around the globe by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese people. The celebration takes place on the 15th day of the 8th month in accordance with the lunar calendar, where a full moon hangs from the night’s sky.


The origin of Mid-Autumn Festival stems from many myths and legends, bringing forth some of the traditions and customs we see today. Some believe that Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated a successful year of harvest, hence taking place in autumn and that it was held to worship the Mountain Gods to show their gratitude. Another tale tells of a mythical dragon who conjured up rain for the crops, thus reaping a good harvest, and the festival commemorates this joyful occasion. In any case, Mid-Autumn Festival is an occasion filled with exuberance, and the central theme of the celebration is to gather together with loved ones, give thanks and pray.


This festival is marked by many symbolisms and practises. The bright full moon, which appears in the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival, is said to be the most luminous and roundest. According to the Chinese culture and language interpretation, this is highly symbolic of togetherness and the reunion of family and friends. Stunning lanterns, ancient lighting tools, are lit at night, enabling children to wander around darker areas to explore and play. Delicious mooncakes, a hallmark of Mid-Autumn Festival, are shared and consumed. Again, their round shapes connotate completeness and unity. Mooncakes are generally divided into a few pieces and distributed to each family members. They are best consumed with tea.


Gifting to friends and family is a very popular tradition at Mid-Autumn Festival. Usually, mooncakes, fresh fruit and other snacks and treats, placed in gift boxes or baskets are given. At Gift Hampers Macau, we’ve got a fine selection of Mid-Autumn hampers for you to choose from.


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