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Chinese New Year Hamper

Chinese New Year marks the beginning of the new year in accordance with the lunar calendar and is a festival that holds a notably high significance in many people’s hearts. It is one of the most popular Chinese festivals, being celebrated in multiple countries across Asia. Also known as Lunar New Year, it is a joyous occasion for many Chinese, Singaporeans, Malaysians and Indonesians all around the world.


This grand festival is associated with several myths and legends, one of the most famous tales being ‘Nian’, the ferocious legendary monster that relentlessly attacked villages until he was frightened away by the villagers, the noise they created and the colour red. Customs arising from such stories can be seen today, including the setting off of fireworks and wearing red attire. In addition to these traditions, Chinese New Year celebrates something far more important: the delightful reunion of the family. Celebrants utilise this special occasion to wish others great happiness, fortune, prosperity, luck and success in whatever they do for the coming year. Red pockets filled with lucky money is handed out by elders and married couples, and a lavish meal is enjoyed by the family. During Chinese New Year, gifts are exchanged between family, friends and acquaintances, usually in the form of gourmet items like snacks, fruits and sweets.


Macau certainly does not fall short of holding exciting family-friendly events. From festive markets and parades to lion dances and cultural performances, the city brims over with vibrance and activity. Being prepared for the traditions of gifting is a great thing to tick off on the to-do list, especially if you wish to show warmth, love and kind consideration for the recipient. That’s where Gift Hampers Macau can help. Our gift hampers packed with delicious gourmet items and our beautifully decorated gift baskets filled with the freshest, most succulent fruits are always a sure winner.


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