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Christmas Hampers

Rooted in the foundations of Christianity, Christmas is a festival that originally rejoices in the birth of Christ but has also spread to celebrating the love and togetherness of family. Today, this popular festival is celebrated all around the world, with its core focus being on decorating a beautiful Christmas tree, indulging in a traditional Christmas dinner and of course, the exchange of Christmas presents.


As practised by many families today, particularly those with younger children, there is a unique custom of leaving out a glass of milk and some cookies for Santa Claus on the night of Christmas’s Eve – and occasionally a carrot for his beloved reindeer, Rudolf. When the children wake up on Christmas morning, delightful presents will be placed under the Christmas tree, waiting for them to unwrap. As for adults, the exchange of Christmas gifts is prevalent, and this custom stretches across the borders worldwide.


Celebrating Christmas in Macau is a fabulous experience. Not only is the weather dry, cool and pleasant with wonderfully clear blue skies, but the one-of-a-kind European influence on Macau ensures that the streets are decorated in a way to put you in a festive mood. There are also a wide selection of food choices for you to enjoy your Christmas dinner; you could taste the fine Portuguese cuisine in colonial-styled restaurants that are second to none or you can opt for traditional Christmas dinners at designated hotels across the city.


Stuck with ideas for Christmas gifts? Purchase a gift hamper today. Gift Hampers Macau offers premium customisable Christmas hampers that can be tailored to the recipient’s needs. Packed with lip-smacking goodies, sweets, drinks, and other fun treats, our Christmas hampers send the warmest blessings and messages of love during this holiday.


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