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Diaper Cakes and Baby Bouquet in Macau

September 28 2020 – Justin Chung

Diaper Cakes and Baby Bouquet in Macau

Diaper Cakes and Baby Bouquet in Macau

Attending a baby shower is often a fun and exciting experience – after all, welcoming home the newest member of one’s family is quite the milestone!

At the baby shower, it is the perfect time for family, relatives and friends to gather around to meet and greet the little one who has just made it into the world. It’s customary to “shower” him / her with baby shower gifts and toys, all of which the baby’s parents are sure to need as the little one grows up in the household. The baby shower is also a fantastic idea to give the new parents a helping hand and getting them items they will need.

A wonderful baby shower idea is to get a baby diaper cake.


What is a diaper cake?

A diaper cake looks very much like a traditional tiered cake but is in fact a stack of rolled or folded diapers! They may also be decorated with other baby items, like baby clothes, sponges, toys or towels, making them look a treat. Not only are they practical gifts to give, they also double as a gorgeous baby shower decoration. They are fabulous baby shower centrepieces and can easily set the baby shower theme and colours. Some families even choose to order a diaper cake as a cake centrepiece in their expectant baby’s gender reveal party!

Making a diaper cake can also be one of the baby shower games as a source of entertainment. Guests can be divided into two or three groups, and each can create a special diaper cake for the baby. There are diaper cakes tutorial on the internet they can look up. The group with the best-looking diaper cake will win!


How to find unique diaper cakes

As gifts, diaper cakes are a true winner. Whether it’s a baby girl shower or baby boy shower party you are attending, diaper cakes are always very well received. Here at Gift Hampers Macau, our team has constructed some of the most wonderful diaper cakes for you to gift at the baby shower. We offer free delivery to Macau and Taipa.

  1. Happy Puppy Baby Diaper Cake (S) (Price: $549.00 - $604.00) is a cheerful and bright diaper for a happy baby! The high quality wooden dog toy and the cardboard cut-outs make the cake visually stunning. Includes: 30 Japan Merries Super Premium Diaper or Pampers Ichiban Diaper (size to be chosen), Baby Cotton Bib, Natural Bath Sponge, Baby Wood Toy and Baby Cotton Socks.
  2. This Little Kitty Baby Diaper Cake (Price: $730.00 - $785.00) is absolutely adorable! A cute gift for a cute baby, this diaper cake consists of 30 Japan Merries Super Premium Diaper or Pampers Ichiban Diaper (size to be chosen), Japan LIVHEART Cat, Baby Bib, Natural Spoon, Baby Wood Toy, Baby Cotton Socks x 2, Pigeon Moisturizing Lotion and France Mustela Shampoo and Shower Gel.
  3. Beautifully decorated, this Pink Rabbit Baby Diaper Cake (Price: $650.00 - $705.00) is perfect for a sweet baby girl. You will find 30 Japan Merries Super Premium Diaper or Pampers Ichiban Diaper (size to be chosen), Baby Cotton Socks x 2 pairs, Natural Sponge, Baby Toy, Baby Cotton Bib, Baby Towel.