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Gift Hampers Macau is pleased to offer its stunning Christmas hampers this festive season. Gift Hampers Macau has compiled a selection of hampers which can be gifted to your loved one, family, friends, clients, colleagues and customers this Christmas. Each hamper is full of delicious treats, so much so that you may not be able to resist purchasing a hamper to spoil yourself.


You will see from the variety of hampers displayed on our online shop that we have created a selection of hampers which contain delicious gourmet treats that have been handpicked and sourced from afar. As a result, the product selections we offer are unique and many products are not available in Macau other than through Gift Hampers Macau. Gift Hampers Macau considers a gourmet hamper to be the ultimate indulgent gift this festive season as it is a gift that is universally appreciated by all recipients because all of us love food, particularly when it comes in the form of a beautiful signature Gift Hampers gift basket and is filled with delicious treats.

When we create hampers, it is a time consuming process and we want to provide the best products and we want our hampers to appeal to a variety of customers. When we decided to create some gourmet hampers, we went on a food journey and started to not only think about what foods to include but also about the origin of the term “gourmet” and how this trend started. As you may know, the word gourmet originated from the French term for “wine broker”. Today, the gourmet food concept is a term that is synonymous with sophistication, refined food of a high quality and impeccable taste and presentation. The gourmet food concept has been a trend over the last few years as when people eat, they want to go on a food journey and enjoy the finest food from a variety of countries.

The love of gourmet food is such a popular hobby that there are now gourmet food festivals that take place every year around the world. In fact, every year, a World Gourmet Food Festival takes place in Bangkok, Thailand. This year the event took place over the course of a week in September at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok. At the festival, eight distinguished chefs from seven countries attended and cooked tantalizing meals and dined with attendees. There was also a Master of Wine, a winemaker and a tea maker in attendance. Chef Roger van Damme one of the Michelin starred chefs also prepared an indulgent five course dessert dinner. No doubt the sweet lovers who got to sample that dessert dinner would have been in heaven.

One of the best things about travelling the world is enjoying the different gourmet foods that are offered in each country. By purchasing a Gift Hampers gourmet hamper, your palate can embark on a journey of the world at a fraction of the price.

You can order your Christmas hamper from Gift Hampers' online store or you can call and speak to one of our sales staff. Price range from HK$449 to HK$2790 and Gift Hampers offers free delivery to metropolitan areas.