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Baby Chef Baby Diaper Cake


Size | Japan Merries Super Premium Diaper – Small Size


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Baby Chef Baby Diaper Cake



Japan Merries Super Premium Diaper – Small Size

  • Product Description

      A baby diaper cake is a popular baby gift in oversea abroad,

      Make a series of baby gifts into a cake shape. The advantage is that it can be matched with parents who need a sense of ceremony, at the same time, the components of cake can be used on the baby that will not be wasted.

      Diaper cakes used by baby diapers as the main body of the cake, plus other daily necessities for babies to decorate, to offer an extra choice for giving gifts or celebrations.

      Choosing diapers OR a fun diaper cake for a baby celebration?


      Product Descriptions:

      • Japan Merries Super Premium Diaper (S size) x 30 counts
      • Baby Cotton Socks x 2 pairs
      • Baby Toy
      • Baby Cotton Bib
      • Bear Doll
      • Natural Plant Fibre Tableware
      • Complimentary Message Card
      • Free Delivery to Macau & Taipa


      Diaper size for chose or brand upgrade:

      Japan Merries Super Premium Diaper – Medium Size + HKD12 /

      Japan Merries Super Premium Diaper – Large Size + HKD 24


      Pampers Ichiban Diaper – Small Size + HKD12 

      Pampers Ichiban Diaper - Medium Size + HKD 24

      Pampers Ichiban Diaper - Large Size +HKD 55



      Please read the following in detail:

      1. Choosing various baby products from mothers, the safety of the baby is the priority, When we handle baby products, we pay attention to follow these baby hygiene. Except for diapers, other items must be washed before being used by the baby and put those on a cake.
      2. You can request us to add other baby gifts to design on the diaper cakes that you liked. For example, there is a baby bottle, baby liquid, or similar items all you can request. The shape of the cake may not be the same, but the style will not change.
      3. The diaper cake is created and packed by hand. Therefore, we are not sure that it is the same as the photo, and the packaging material pattern may have different opportunities.
      4. When the baby items used on the baby cake are out of stock, we will use similar styles and similar value items to replace. If there are not many changes, we will not take the initiative to inform them. 
      5. If you have a perfect request, you must consider clearly before ordering, we are committed to making cakes with care, but we cannot commit to making the same one as the pictures.
      6. The number of diapers may be more / less in 1-3 counts, it is depending on the look and feel of the actual production.