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Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Macau

September 24 2020 – Justin Chung

Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Macau

Family-Friendly Summer Activities in Macau

If you’re looking for fun things to do this season as well as amazing summer activities for kids, look no further than the dazzling city of Macau!

Unbeknownst to many, this little autonomous territory is a lot more than just games and casinos. Indoors or outdoors, Macau has it all; there is an abundance of family-friendly and fun summer activities to engage in, whether you’re having a blast in the sun or are chilling under a roof. Grab your family and try out some of the fun ideas we’ve got in store for you!


Outdoor Activities

A day at the pool: Water activities and outdoor games are a must in your summer bucket list, especially because it can get extremely hot wherever you go, so why not cool down at the pool? The Galaxy Macau, Sheraton Hotel and The Venetian have all got super fun swimming pools for everyone in the family to splash around in.

See the light and water shows: Macau is blessed with a beautiful night view, and what better way to enjoy it than to watch a light or water show – or both? Unique to Macau, we’ve got amazing performances from the House of Dancing Water, the Parisian Light Show and the Wynn Macau Light and Water Show. Truly a feast for the eyes!

Day trip around Macau’s historical sites: Families can explore the in-depth history and Portuguese influence on Macau by visiting its many historical sites. The Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral is a great place to start, then take a stroll around Old Taipa Village. Along the way, you will find some one-of-a-kind vendors and bakeries to try out.

Macau beaches and local parks: Take a break from the bustling city and head for the beaches and parks around Macau. You can jet-ski, go on a boat trip or simply enjoy an ice cream on the beautiful golden sand of Hac Sa Beach. You can also visit Lou Lim Leoc Garden featuring ponds, bridges, pavilions and sculptures.


Indoor activities

Indoor playground for kids: When it comes to indoor summer activities for kids, Macau is a haven. You will find an abundance of things to do for kids, such as the awesome 4,000 square metre Warner Bros Fun Zone at Studio City. Suitable for big kids as well as the little ones. Families also love spending time at Qube at The Venetian where kids can embark on their own fun-filled adventure while teens and adults can play video games or even air hockey.

Learn something new at Macau Science Centre: Quench your thirst for knowledge by taking your family to Macau Science Centre. Kids can learn hands-on about how things work and learn more about the world by visiting its fantastic galleries and trying out its interactive activities. Learning has never been more fun!

Visit Macau Tower: If you’re a daredevil, you may head straight for the world’s highest bungee jump. If not, no worries – you can still enjoy the view from the indoor observation deck and enjoy a meal with your family at the restaurant. It even rotates 360 degrees for your viewing pleasure.