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Choosing the Best Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes Tips

September 23 2020 – Justin Chung

Choosing the Best Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes Tips

Choosing the Best Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes Tips

Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in Macau is always a delightful and meaningful occasion.

Taking place on the 15th day of the 8th month in accordance with the lunar calendar, it is an important holiday to mark down on one’s calendar as the festival celebrates the joyous family reunion and allows loved ones to spend time together.


About Mid-Autumn Festival

Going as far back as the Tang Dynasty, there has been many legends and stories about Mid-Autumn Festival and how it came to be, one of the most popular ones being Chang E, the moon goddess.

It is one of the most popular festivals in China, and as the moon is central and symbolic of the festival, many traditions and customs are closely associated with it. At this time in autumn, it is harvesting period, so many people look to thanking the goddess for their year’s hard work. The full moon also represents the full unification of family and friends, and worshipping the moon is common. Children play with paper lanterns, young people guess lantern riddles and family gather around to admire the moon, the lights and enjoy delicious mooncakes together.


Popular Mooncakes in Macau

Because of its popularity, mooncakes have become the ultimate gift to give during Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival itself is also known as the Moon Festival or even Mooncake Festival, a name many embrace. Purchasing a variety of mooncakes to celebrate the mid-autumn period has become increasingly common and new types of mooncakes are being made every year.

Apart from the lotus seed mooncakes, with or without salted egg yolks, there are many other popular mooncakes in Macau that cater to different tastes. Older people may enjoy the savoury ham and nut mooncake while younger customers adore custard mooncakes, snowy skin mooncakes or ice cream mooncakes, especially in hotter weather. There are many different flavours available, so there will definitely be something for everyone.

Mooncakes can be purchased in bakeries and cake shops, or for a fancier kind of mooncake to give as a gift, you may opt to book yours at hotels, all around the city.


Gift Hampers Macau’s amazing Mid-Autumn hampers

There’s no better choice of a gift than a fresh selection of healthy fruit and high-quality mooncakes to share with your nearest and dearest. Gift Hampers Macau, your first choice for the finest hampers, is an online store based in Macau that offers a variety of fantastic hampers all year round. Our Mid-Autumn Festival hampers contains items that are hand-picked by experts and are sure to impress the recipient! Here are our top picks:

  1. Aeternus F Golden Weave Mid-Autumn Hamper: You can gift some succulent fresh fruit or offer an extra bottle of wine to go with the assortment of lava mooncakes.
  2. Aeternus F Chinese Imperial Mid-Autumn Hamper: A traditional Mid-Autumn hamper that your friends and family will love. Cherish your happy memories together this year with this delightful treat.
  3. Aeternus F Luxury Jade Mid-Autumn Hamper: This luxurious hamper speaks a thousand words. Perfect for gifting at big gatherings and parties this Mid-Autumn Festival.